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Leaving a tour? - Posted By 1wildwolf (1wildwolf) on 17th Apr 09 at 3:02am
Possibly a question for the admin...

Just wondering if there was any issue in leaving a tour before the final arrival point? The final leg of our trip is from Bruge -> London.
However, as my plane home leaves from Paris, I was planning on skipping this leg (of course letting the tour guide know!) and making my own way down to Paris.

I can't see this being a problem...obviously I would still have to pay for the channel crossing...

Leaving a tour? - Posted By whirlsie (whirlsie) on 17th Apr 09 at 9:09am
people on our tour did this... as you said it wouldnt change the price of ur tour though {Smile}

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Re: Leaving a tour? - Posted By Rachel Martines (rachelmartines) on 27th Apr 15 at 3:57pm
If the plan changes, I think it should increase the price? Shouldn't it?

Re: Leaving a tour? - Posted By Alexand Walker (alexanderwalker1) on 17th Jul 15 at 5:15pm
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