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Essential Egypt 14th March (30th Dec 09 at 6:43pm UTC)
Hi Everyone,

Was just wondering if there is anyone else going on this tour? A friend of myen have done a Topdeck tour in Europe in 2007 and loved it so are now doing the Egypt tour.

I have read all the tour discussions for Egypt but i am still really confused about what to wear. I have heard that females should ewar longer shorts/skirts and wear t-shirts or longer tops but in the brochure everyone appears to be wearing singlets and even boob tubes. Has anyone got any ideas on what is most appropiate?

Hope to hear some from other people who are going to be on this tour soon : )
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Essential Egypt 14th March (2nd Jan 10 at 2:26am UTC)
Hi Kristy {Smile}
i did the ultimate egypt tour in early 2009 and had a million questions before i left so when i got back a wrote heaps of info in this thread:,egypt (scroll down to the bottom of the page)

in terms of what to wear, there were girls who wore shorter shorts and tshirts, but a lot of the girls wore a kaftan top and knee-length shorts...basically the more u wear the less you are going to get hassled...but if that doesn't bother u u'll get away with shorter things...i just felt more comfortable being a little more covered up and a bit more respectful to their culture (but you don't have to be covered head to toe, they realise that u're tourists)...i wore these tops from tree of life ( with the sleaves rolled up to my elbow...they were very light so i didn't get hot and they dried easily when u washed them and they're also pretty cheap...a bunch of the other girls on my trip had brought the exact same tops too

hope u have a fantastic trip!!
i loved my trip!

rowena {Smile}
Rachel Martines
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Re: Essential Egypt 14th March (5th May 15 at 5:49pm UTC)
This is an old trip right? Is anyone willing to replan a trip like this again?

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