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What type of luggage to take? (1st May 13 at 1:33am UTC)
Hey everyone,

I am wondering what experiences people have had with types of luggage they can recommend or suggest to avoid. I am trying to decide if to take a suitcase, or backpack style luggage, or even a sports bag that has wheels.

What have people found easiest to travel with? I am doing a EuroClub tour, and have quite a large suitcase at the moment, but I'm thinking a pack might be easier...
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Re: What type of luggage to take? (1st May 13 at 6:37am UTC)
Hi David,

Personal needs will vary and this will dictate the size of the pack and its internal packaging options. I can do the minimalist style but I prefer to be a bit better equipped without taking the kitchen sink and my whole wardrobe.

I settled for this pack:

Plenty of customs officers have expressed their surprise at the amount of stuff I manage to fit in mine. Clever packing is always the key, and don't get sold on "rolling" your stuff. It doesn't always work best. I use a combination of rolling, folding and then just cramming with this bag (the way it is cut and stitched together definitely rewards you for doing this with alot of surprise room to bulge).

I believe I have the generation 1 but the differences appear to be minimal. I have been happy with it as it is well made and has taken me to many corners of the globe without a failure although it is starting to look a bit worse for wear with a few rips and cuts being sealed with tape but it is made from a strong rip stop canvas so cuts and abrasions do not expand. Wheels and trolley arm make it great to drag around airports/transport depots (i'm 6ft tall and find the handle just long enough) and the backpack straps are useful for when you need to go a longer distance (say you want to save a cab fare or public transport costs) or if the ground is as such that wheeling it isn't an easy option (note it isn't the most comfortable pack to wear on your back for long distances but that isn't its intention). The wheels are a quality rubber with sealed pressed in bearings similar to what you'd find on a pair of roller blades or a skateboard, much better than the plastic junk usually found on luggage.

If I had a request for them I'd ask that the day backpack which straps to the front of it be a little bit bigger but then I guess there's a possibility it becomes more of a backpack than a day pack lol.

I believe this bag was below the size requirement for most of Top Deck's European trips (might need to remove the day pack from the front for some, but otherwise I was fine when I went on a Top Deck euroclub tour in 2011).

I hardly see others at the baggage carousel with this bag so it is really easy to spot when in the sandy/khaki colour...I don't think i have to mention how much of a bonus that is for bag security and identification.

Happy shopping.
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Re: What type of luggage to take? (14th May 13 at 12:43am UTC)
Hey, I decided to purchase this back pack - - 65L version.

Very roomy and fits enough clothes for a 49 day mega euro tour. One thing to consider is the weight. 20kg is a lot when carrying the pack the whole day and not having the option to simply roll the pack behind me became quite tiring. So keep that in mind.
mahesh naidu
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Re: What type of luggage to take? (27th May 13 at 5:41am UTC)
I do with Backpacking. It was the best and perfect option for me but not sure with your ideas of carriage. Which one do you feel comfortable (based on past experiences) will be better for you to proceed with.
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